Never really a question I thought to myself … but now I have one and don’t leave the house without it. Unless I’m going to work of course. Unless it’s bring your daughter to work day. Which hasn’t happened but if it did and I took her, I wouldn’t get much done. And neither would my coworkers … Anyways … so what’s in a diaper bag you ask? If you’re a parent then you probably know the answer. If you ever wanted to snoop on somebody else’s bag, well here’s your chance. If you’re not a parent, you can get some ideas of how we survive for an outing.

The Diaper Bag

First things first … we need a diaper bag to carry everything. We chose the Skip Hop Baby Duo Signature Diaper Bag for several reasons.

  • It’s unisex enough that I don’t mind carrying it.
  • 10 pockets!
  • Two water bottle carrying spaces (one for us, one for a baby bottle
  • It comes with a changing mat
  • It’s just the right size, we fit everyting we need and not too big or too small

Skip Hop Baby Duo Signature Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag Packing Cube #1

We have a set of 3 small packing cubes. I can’t remember for the life of me where we got them from, but I’ll update this post with a link once we do. The bag at the very bottom shows the largest packing cube size, and we fit about 8-10 diapers. These are newborn diapers so we’ll adjust quantities as she grows bigger, goes less frequently and the diapers change in size. Better safe than sorry since we don’t know if a quick outing can turn into a full day of errands.

Diaper Bag Packing Cube #2

It’s the same size as packing cube #1, but we have an extra burpcloth, a very lightweight brestfeeding cover, and sometimes a small extra blanket.

Diaper Bag Packing Cube #1

Diaper Bag Packing Cube #3

Shown above in the following picture. It has an extra set of clothes, two onesies and one extra set of pants. So many extra diapers, you never know when one of those will be a blowout and we’ll need to change her. To the right is the Baby Dino Wubbanub. We actually have 3 of these. One we keep upstairs, one we keep downstairs and one we keep in the car seat.

Diaper Bag Packing Cube #3

Miscellaneous Loose Items

Small enough not to need a packing cube, we have 3-5 Nuk Pacifier Wipes, Polished Momma’s wallet, a Skip Hop Baby Snug Seal Wipes Case, some tissues and a pair of socks and headband. I’m not quite sure why the socks and headband aren’t in the other packing cube though. The pacifier wipes come in a pack of 24, so we only take 3-5 at a time with us. As for the wipes’s case, it has an excellent seal that they don’t dry out and we probably pack more than 25 wipes than it’s rated for.

Miscellaneous Loose Items

Miscellaneous Loose Items #2

We have the Skip Hop changing mat (it came with the diaper bag), and the EM’S 4 Bubs Baby Earmuffs. The changing mat is thin enough to not take a lot of space, but has a decent amount of cushion. As for the baby earmuffs, I have a review of them posted here. We typically use them in church and this past weekend at a kid’s birthday party. It was rock and roll themed for a two-year-old with free reign on a drumset …

Miscellaneous Items #2

Baby Blanket/Swattle and Burpcloth

Last but not least we have a matching set of dinosaur burp cloth and blanket/swaddle by Ideal Baby. Obviously, we rotate them with some other ones we have since you can pretty much guarantee the burp cloth will be used. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure the next set matches as well. After all, what good is having a baby if you can’t show it off with matching outfits and accessories! (kidding, obviously).

Ideal Baby Swaddle

What’s in your diaper bag? Did I miss anything? We’ve survived thus far!