It’s been a wild ride in the best way possible. In the days leading to the birth of Little Girl, we were anxious, talking more often about how our lives would change and trying to create our “last memories” as a couple. We were very much looking forward to her birth and as most parents would agree, we wouldn’t trade our daughter for the world. We made a birth plan which we shared with our doctors, and we dubbed it “birth preferences” instead because we knew that we had very little control over how things would go once we got to the hospital. At that point it became “The Little Girl Show” and we just had a part in it.

The doctors decided to change the due date up a few weeks back, and on the last checkup, they decided to move up the due date one more time. With that,  our last weekend plans went out the window and the things we had planned for each other, unfortunately had to get nixed. It’s a good thing we had a flexible mindset before and during the hospital stay. We waited over an hour to get admitted, but once there we were able to get settled and relax a little bit. There was no more eating from that point forward for Polished Momma until delivery and I tried as best as I could to do the same, but that didn’t last long. Sorry!

The next day started smoothly, but all “birth preferences” went out the window when the doctor’s decided that they had to deliver Little Girl as soon as possible. It was hard giving up control. We had been given a timeline and everything was progressing the way they said, but everything changed in an instant. Was I ready? I’m not sure but I had to keep a straight face and calm Polished Momma down because this wasn’t how it was supposed to go down. There was this feeling of nervousness that I’d been having. It’s hard to explain, but it was similar to when you’re nervous for a job interview,  or any other event in which you’ve prepared as much as you can, yet you don’t know what to expect of how things will turn out.

Little Girl was born and didn’t scream/cry a single peep until a minute or so. I could sense Polished Momma being a little nervous, so I tried to reassure her and just a few second later, Little Girl began to cry. All was good with the world. She was 5 lbs, 15 ounces and 19 inches long. The next few days in the hospital were more sleepless than I could have anticipated. In the  end, holding Little Girl  made it all worth it. The moment Little Girl was born, everything felt normal. That nervousness was gone. We have two friend couples that had babies in September as well, and that was one of the things I had to share with them.

Once home everything was The Little Girl Show all over again. We had plans about feeding, resting, our sleeping arrangements, her sleeping arrangements and many other things. In the end, most have gone out the window. I slept with one eye open for the first couple of days. Every little squeak made me worry and I kept checking up on her. Most of that has gone away, but it’s still her show. I’m obviously not an expert parent, I’m learning as we go.  If I can share what I’ve learned thus far about being a parent, is that one needs to be flexible. From birth until the first few weeks at home, if you’re not able to go with the flow and put your perfect plan to the side, it’s going to make for one tough ride.

Lesson #1: Be Flexible!