Polished Momma asked me to go to this class as part of the series of classes that we have to go before our baby is born. I can’t say I was skeptical, because I really wasn’t,  and I’ll be the first to admit that I could always learn something more about what’s coming in regards to delivery, the hospital and anything that happens beyond that point. I simply didn’t know what to expect, and Polished Momma was just hoping it wasn’t a bust. We had previously been to the breastfeeding class, and that was the only previous point of reference. This was a class for dad’s only that would cover a wide variety of topics so we can but up to speed in how to be supportive, knowledgeable, know what to ask for at the hospital and how to get things to go our way.

By the time I arrived to the class, which was about 5 minutes before, everybody was seated. This was much different from the breastfeeding class in which several people walked in late. After the customary initial introductions, he told us a little bit about his background, and soon after I knew he was the real deal. His name is Brian and is more commonly known as “Brian the Birth Guy“, you can also check out the curriculum for the online version of the class, here.

The class was around three hours, and there wasn’t enough time to cover all the material he wanted to go over. Brian had knowledge about all the local hospitals along with tips about what to watch out for and what to ask for to have a more pleasant time.  He talked about what to expect before, during and after the hospital. Gave us recommendations for settling in the first time we went home. We went over a sample quick birth plan and how to increase your chances of having the nurses and doctors be on your side and try to stick to the plan as much as possible. He gave us some recommendations of products that we could bring to the hospital that might come handy during delivery, and we even had a good list of topics to take home and research in case we weren’t knowledgeable on the topics or hadn’t made up our minds on them.

Overall, it was a great experience and highly recommend it. If you or a dad to be near you is in a position to take a dad’s only class,I hope you’re able to take it and that you welcome it and all the information you could get from it.