I’ve known about Blue Apron for a while, but have never paid much attention to it, and didn’t know much about it. I figured it was similar to My Fit Foods where you get prepared meals for a small premium compared to a meal you can cook yourself. I was totally wrong! It’s actually the complete opposite, where you get full meals, except they’re unprepared. With this basic intro, I’ll tell you all about our first blue apron experience.

My brother-in-law is definitely foodie. The rest of the family loves and enjoys food (I mean, who doesn’t?), but there’s no better person to discuss cooking than my mother-in-law (who does the best cooking!). He’s been enjoying Blue Apron for a few weeks now and that in turn made it so that my mother-in-law would try it as well. Lucky for us, she scored a free trial for 3 meals and gifted it to us. Polished Momma is the one who actually went through the ordering process, she asked me for some meal preferences and a few days later we had our meals. Since I didn’t order it, I can’t say whether we had to pay for shipping or not. One great thing about the promo was that we could choose between weekdays and weekend delivery. Weekday worked better for us, so kudos to Blue Apron for giving customers that option.

For our first meal, we chose the Fresh Pimento Cheeseburgers. I’ll start by saying that I’m not the greatest fan of pimento cheese. The flavor is usually too strong for me and it overpowers everything else. If I do have it, it’s definitely in small quantities. I did my best to keep an open mind, but I was prepared to “not like it” and still be ok with the whole meal if it meant I had to skip the pimento cheese.

Here are all the ingredients before cooking:



If I recall correctly, prep time was 10 minutes and cooking time about 15 minutes. For a not-so-expert chef, that was more like 15 minutes and probably closer to 20 minutes. Blue Apron includes every single component to the meal, with the exception of salt, pepper and olive oil. It would have definitely helped if I read the instructions in full before diving in. Peeling carrots was something I had not done in years, maybe even since childhood. The sweet peppers were finger licking good. I can say that because I literally licked my fingers after handling them and they were delicious. Originally I felt that they skimped on the amount of beef (1ooz for 2 people) that was included, and was going to add that to my list of excuses not to like it. Once it was all said and done, it was just the right size. I followed the rest of the instructions and this is what I managed to put together:

Blue Apron Fresh Pimento Cheeseburgers


The Pros

I can surely say that I was skeptical of this at first. I had some preconceived ideas as to why I wouldn’t like this. No the meal per se, but the whole Blue Apron system. Cooking from scratch made me feel “fancy”, for lack of a better word. There is just a different kind of satisfaction I got from making pimento cheese from scratch, rather than buying it. The meal definitely tasted good and if you like it, you can always save the recipe to add to your collection.

The Cons

Price. While it’s not overpriced, it’s definitely not something that’s going to replace your grocery shopping. At $60 per 3 meals for 2, that comes out to $20 per meal for 2. Each meal or serving will not leave you with any leftovers. With that said, we’re definitely going to order some meals to arrive on the weekend, and make it a date night in.