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Halo SleepSack Swaddle Review

What is this swaddling business I thought to myself? We went over how to swaddle a baby on several of the parenting classes we took, but I don’t remember anybody emphasizing how USEFUL this would be. I thought it was something like changing a diaper. You just do it and it’s no big deal, just one of those things you learn to do and move on. I was greatly mistaken. After Little Girl was born, she was swaddled “professionally” by the nurses and it always looked so tidy and it would last until one of us undid it. Now...

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Little Girl turns 1 month

Little Girl turns one month today! Time does really fly, it seems just yesterday we were coming back from the hospital. Polished Momma and I have learned so much and we’re very much looking forward to whatever the future brings. Here’s what Little Girl has been up to for this first month: 2 doctor’s appointments 3 trips to Target Grew from 5lbs 15oz to 7lbs Lunch at 4 different restaurants Got her first bath at home (and several more) Check out Polished Momma’s version of this post by clicking here. ...

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What I’ve Learned from My First Three Weeks as a Father

It’s been a wild ride in the best way possible. In the days leading to the birth of Little Girl, we were anxious, talking more often about how our lives would change and trying to create our “last memories” as a couple. We were very much looking forward to her birth and as most parents would agree, we wouldn’t trade our daughter for the world. We made a birth plan which we shared with our doctors, and we dubbed it “birth preferences” instead because we knew that we had very little control over how things would go once we got...

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Rockin’ Dads Class

Polished Momma asked me to go to this class as part of the series of classes that we have to go before our baby is born. I can’t say I was skeptical, because I really wasn’t,  and I’ll be the first to admit that I could always learn something more about what’s coming in regards to delivery, the hospital and anything that happens beyond that point. I simply didn’t know what to expect, and Polished Momma was just hoping it wasn’t a bust. We had previously been to the breastfeeding class, and that was the only previous point of...

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The Road To Fatherhood

Welcome to my blog! Our baby girl is due in early September and we couldn’t be more excited for her arrival. We’ve gone to check ups, sonograms, shopping to Ikea, turned a cluttered room into a nicely decorated nursery, had two baby showers, discussed potential names and many other things. I’m very excited to be on this journey and couldn’t think of a better person to do it with. My wife, Polished Momma will have her own blog, and she’ll share her experiences there. I’m looking forward to sharing our adventures with you, the projects and crafts we’ll be working on,...

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